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Vector Thursday!

On thursdays from now on, i’m going to try to post a view vectors that i’m either working on or have finished playing with. comments and suggestions are welcome!!

This was a flag design i did for my burning man camp a few years ago, Furbar: the Playa’s only frozen fruit smoothie. we had a tiny little art car that was dressed like an alpaca, watching it gumby-glide across the desert is something i’ll never forget.

This was a flower i was playing around when i was still sorta teaching myself about making/designing mandalas. it’s rough but i think it’s pretty.

Oh, the breaking away logo. a very close friend of mine and art/kook collaborator named Jamo once told me about a cycling movie called breaking away. i love movies but i’d never seen it and this post has actually reminded me to find it and watch. theres a great story behind the breaking away rest stop, i’m sure i’ll tell it one day.

And remember- if you draw, paint, sculpt, shoot photos, dance, dj, rap, make beats, tell jokes, write stories, make clothes, grow food, make jewelry, shoot movies, crochet, make toys, build stages, play instruments or do anything else creative, please hit us up and we’ll figure out how to best show off your art!

See ya next time!!


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