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Vector Thursday!

A little late but still in there for vector thursday!

This handcuff is vector of a piece of jewelry that one of my collaborators owns. It’s an iconic piece of branding that he uses on a t shirt on, a next level tshirt company that makes enhanced t shirts that react to your phone, for his long running urban magazine Felon Magazine.

This piece was something i came up with when i was first getting into the design of sacred geometry, metatrons cube, hexagons and circles mating and mixing. I love playing with these elements in my everyday design play still. i really dig the weird moire pattern between the circles.

These designs were going to be for memorial t shirts for a really good friend of mine, my first best friend after i moved to california, who passed away. he was practically an icon in the town where we met and the people who knew him usually had a crazy story about him. He had a great sense of fashion and creativity and an eye for imagery. he could help you find the magic in your work before you knew it was there.

And remember- if you draw, paint, sculpt, shoot photos, dance, dj, rap, make beats, tell jokes, write stories, make clothes, grow food, make jewelry, shoot movies, crochet, make toys, build stages, play instruments or do anything else creative, please hit us up and we’ll figure out how to best show off your art!

See ya next time!!


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