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#MOODS, Men & Mommy Issues – Book Release!


Six-time independent author and creative consultant, Ruth Nineke (nin-eh-kah) presents #MOODS, Men, & Mommy Issues; Something Autobiographical. (Available exclusively on Amazon Friday, March 9, 2018.)

Having cultivated a small, yet very interested, female readership since her 2010 debut – a collection of coming-of-age novellas entitled Don’t Break My Heart (Nineke Publishing via – for her 2018 release Nineke gifts her greatest supporters with a juicier, more complex and substantial experience than her typically plot-driven fiction. With #MOODS she reminds women that each of us is probably a fucked up person, going through fucked up shit,  who makes really stupid decisions, and will probably feel awful again. As consolation for our fundamentally fucked existence, #MOODS offers the promise that so long as we keep pushing it will be okay (even worthwhile if we can manage to inspire someone else to keep going too).

Nineke’s blunt and conversational writing style creates immediate familiarity with readers as she invites them to bear witness to her innermost hopes and hurts. #MOODSrecounts childhood memories and adulthood mistakes, revealing secrets from the author’s past and imagining an idealistic future whereby releasing the baggage of one’s pain frees both writer and reader to explore their best potential for happiness and rewarding living.

#MOODS was inspired by selfies capturing the author’s early-thirties-onset-ennui in 2016, and began as a series of random notes typed on a World Trade Center Bound/8thAvenue Local E train, before evolving into a concise personal reflection on abuse, depression and self-harm, bad decisions and failed romance, cultural sexism, addiction, an aching need for love, and the elusiveness of personal growth.

An immigrant of Guyana by way of Washington D.C., Ruth Nineke was raised in New York City by a single working mother, ABC daytime soaps, and cable television. She has moved several times around the three better boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Her life-long love of the nonlinear narrative and the technology of the times made writing and independent publishing inevitable preoccupations.

At the start of 2018 Nineke gave away the majority of her clothes, forfeiting most of her earthly possessions, and traveled to Bali in search of inspiration and fulfillment outside of the anxiety-ridden, overpriced and hyper-capitalist zoo that is present-day New York City “in Trump’s America.” Basically, she couldn’t afford to live in the city anymore and was tired of feeling unwanted by damn near every single man she’d slept with.

She also needed peace and quiet to write, and dry out.

Between tanning, making kissy noises at stray doggos, and attempting to outline another novel (…or two for 2018 release), the writer also provides consulting services under the banner of Nineke Publishing – her boutique digital agency which specializes in content creation and online brand support for artists and entrepreneurs. Nineke subscribes to and promotes a life philosophy of self-determination. She believes in leading by example, taking risks, and encourages both her clients and her readers to embark on their own introspective journeys and then push out the very best of themselves.

Previous book releases include Sex Acts And Emotional Problems (2014, Amazon CreateSpace) We Are The Warlords (2011,; 2nd edition – Amazon CreateSpace) This Is Growing Up (2010, Lulu.dom; later editions 2013 – 2015, Amazon CreateSpace), Chasing A Boy Up A Hill (2010, Lulu.dom; 2013 – 2015, Amazon CreateSpace), and Steel Resolve (2010, Lulu.dom; 2013 – 2015, Amazon CreateSpace)

The author is providing a free shipping discount on paperback pre-orders for e-mail subscribers, Facebook fans, family, and friends. Details can be found on her website